zaterdag 8 december 2007

New Home

Hi everybody come and check my new blog


zondag 28 oktober 2007

my second tag and HALLOWEEN!!

I've been tagged by Peggy. Your blog totally rock girl!!
Here I go.....

Jobs that I've had:
1. Newspaper deliverer. (horrible job)
2: Hostess (serving food and drinks)
3: Saleswoman at douglas (for one month now)
4: And in the future I hope I can organise scrapbook events and become an event manager.

Movies I could watch over and over:
1: The Notebook (I still cry every time)
2: Grease (GREAT!!!)
3: Dirty Dancing (Patick is so yummy)
4: Pretty Woman

TV shows that I watch:
1: Ugly Betty
2: Desperate Housewives
3: Heroes
4: What about Brian
I have so many....

Places where I have lived:
1: Hoensbroek - The Netherlands
2: We moved 1 mile in Hoensbroek
3: ...
4: ...

Favorite foods:
1: Pizza (in Italy)
2: Beef (in Croatia)
3: Seafood (in Spain)
4: Croissant (in France)

Favorite colors:
1: Pink
2: Lime green
3: Purple
4: White (I know it's not a color but I love to wear it in the summertime)

Places I would love to be NOW:
1: Croatia
2: Bora Bora
3: Cuba
4: Australia (with my aunt and uncle)

Names I like, but would not use for my children:
1: Hope
2: Faith
3: Luciano (I love Italian names but it's too much here in Holland)
4: Scott (My boyfriend has that name already)

Yesterday we went with the train to Walibi World. It was awesome. There was a Halloween theme. Oh my... some monsters scare the heck out of me and they made me almost pee in my pants.

I also want to show you a little peek. I can not post the whole page because maybe it's gonna be a Christmas PUB :D

Let's hope so!!!

Love Nicolle

woensdag 24 oktober 2007

My first tag!!

I wanted to share this layout with you all. My memories of a summer. Sorry for the bad picture!!


YAY!! I'v been tagged for the first time. I'm so happy!!!

These are the rules:

1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself (on your blog, we all want to know them).
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 random facts about me...

1. I can not leave the house without make-up. I'm too scary without!! :P :P.
2. I'm from Limburg, and I think i'm always stuck in Limburg :P (I've never been to Amsterdam or anywhere else far from limburg.) I've seen more from Europe than from Netherlands.
3. I'm a scrapbooker student and a saleswoman at Douglas. Not so long ago I've started ballroom dancing with my BF.
4. I'm every day on the internet looking for inspiration from scrapbook sites such as scrap4life, creativexpress, a cherry on top, scrapjazz. (I think I'm a bit addicted to scrapbooking.) But aren't we all :P
5. I'm really really really addicted to burgerking. I can eat every day a hamburger. But I know it's not good for me. Also the burger king is a couple of miles away from my house. (such a pity)
6. I use my camera every day. (and It's always empty)
7. I like to dress up when I go to work or to school. But as soon as I come home I put my warm track suit on. (and it's candy pink!! it almost hurt your eyes because it's SO pink :p)

I tag:
Nancy vd B
Nancy G

I know some of you have already been tagged but i don't know anyone else to tage :D

Happy tagging everyone



maandag 22 oktober 2007

last beach layout

This is my last beach layout. Such a pitty and I've created also a invitation for my birthday party. I'm turnig eighteen next month. BIG PARTY ON THE 9TH OF NOVEMBER!!!!. I've to create 12 invitations for my family and 6 cards for my best friends. Lots of work but I have a week fall vacation so maybe i can make them all in a week. Next week are starting my exams (i'm really nervous!!)
still have some learning to do and a little scrap time!!
xoxox Nicolle

zondag 14 oktober 2007


I had a little challege at nancy's blog and this is what I've created. It's is very good weather and the fall colours a so beautiful! It makes me go outside and chill all day in the sun. BUT.. I have a lot of scrapbooking to do!!

donderdag 11 oktober 2007

ssshhh!! I shouldn't be doing this

I should be with my nose in the books and study real hard. But I need a little 'blog' time!! i wanted to show my new layout. Nancy is having a challenge and I hope I can scrap a little later. But now I'm turning the computer off.
xxx Nicolle

woensdag 10 oktober 2007

a new day a new layout.

Yesterday I finished this layout. It's with a combination of basic grey's blush and obscure. the flowers are from mellow. I really have a crush on basic grey. It's great paper for old cities/towns. (I visit a lot of them!!)
x0x0x N.